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February 09 2014


Corporation to crack problems using walkie-talkie

The crackle of a walkie-talkie on the road may soon be not a beat constable on the rounds, but a corporation junior engineer monitoring civic amenities. In true cop style, the Chennai Corporation is planning a wireless communication system connecting its field staff with the commissioner and the mayor.

The civic body on Friday passed a resolution at the council meeting to buy 800 walkie-talkie sets and set up a separate frequency for internal communication. "The wireless sets would be given to 200 junior engineers, assistant executive engineers, sanitary inspectors, conservancy inspectors and a few others," said the council resolution. The civic body had tried such sets in the vehicles of the mayor, commissioner, superintendent engineers and zonal assistant commissioners.

"We found it useful during inspection rounds and while trying to get work done during emergencies like heavy rain and cyclones," said an senior elected representative.

The walkie-talkies will cost the civic body 1.80 crore, and will be acquired on a design, build, own, operate and maintain basis. The supplier will be given the contract to design it would have to maintain the system for a specific period. 2 way radio communication (www.bicolradio.org) The sets would work on two frequencies.

Across the country, several civic bodies including Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ( BMC) use walkie-talkies for better communication while monitoring civic work and tackling natural disasters.

Officials said it would be equally useful in Chennai. For instance, if a disease outbreak is reported from a neighbourhood, the sanitary inspector concerned can communicate this information to various department heads at the same time. While taking up contingency and relief measures, people of different departments can coordinate with each other while the commission can keep track of individual assignments, using the facility. "It is here that the walkie-talkie comes more handy than a mobile phone," said an official.

An engineer with the corporation said they have installed two antennas for wireless communication. "With this, top officials in Ripon Buildings can be in touch with field officials across the 15 zones simultaneously. This has been a problem, especially after the expansion of the city in 2011.

The civic body had also recently distributed t smart phones,costing Rs 7,000 each to 200 conservancy inspectors across the city to track the garbage bins.

Source - http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-11-23/chennai/44388758_1_chennai-corporation-brihanmumbai-municipal-corporation-walkie-talkie

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